Power to Choose

Power to Choose is the state’s official electric choice website. It provides consumers in energy-deregulated areas of the state with information and tools to help them stay informed about their energy options. The state-handled electricity purchasing site, Power to Choose, allows any provider to list their rates. It’s also the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ official electricity shopping site. However, it is difficult to use, has many plans, and lacks quality screening.

Power to Choose

Instead, use Electricity Plans, the best Power to Choose an alternative. We go over the fine print and highlight the details you should be aware of. You can shop based on how much electricity you use every month. We’ll also help you avoid the gimmicks so you can get the best deal.

Changing to a REP

One way the state hopes to educate and assist consumers in learning more about their electricity options is through Power to Choose. It’s also one of the many resources available to consumers looking for reputable and approved REPs.

Scorecard for the Industry

A REP Industry Scorecard is one of the tools available to consumers through Power to Choose. This data is updated regularly and reveals the company’s objection score. If the REP has five dots, it means the complaint score is very low.

The Ability to Save

Power to Save is an extraordinary example of the types of resources available through Power to Choose. This website contains a treasure of information about electricity in Texas, including:

  • Savings Calculator – This online tool helps consumers figure out how much money they can save by switching to a REP or reducing their energy usage. The results are calculated by filling in various fields such as mediocre usage and heating and cooling temperature estimates.
  • Saving Tips from Energy Star: Energy Star offers Power to Save, an interactive tool that shows different home areas. Clicking on different house areas, such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and others reveals energy-saving tips that homeowners can adopt and implement in their own living space.
  • Power Partners – This section of Power to Save is geared toward small businesses looking to reduce their electricity costs. A small business must agree to participate in energy conservation during peak times of the year.
  • The Grid:Power to save keeps consumers up to date on current grid conditions based on the season. Normal conditions, conservation alert, power warning, power watch, and power emergency are among the stages of alerts. Consumers can learn about different ways they can help keep the grid in good shape throughout the year based on the alert.

Renewable Energy

Power to Choose is also assigned to providing renewable energy options to its customers. There are two primary methods for consumers to obtain cleaner energy:

  • Purchasing energy that is 100 percent environmentally friendly
  • Buying Green Energy

Many REPs also provide customers with the option of installing solar panels or wind turbines. Participating in or purchasing these types of products, or the energy generated by these products, helps Texas reduce its environmental impact.


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