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Location and Venue:

A wedding is a big dream for many couples because they are expecting this day to be celebrated. A wedding is something special and that is the day when the two hearts are getting united. Their main motive would be to make the day a memorable one not only for them but also for the guest who is coming. There are so many wedding planners and themes and so you should take your time to choose the one which suits and glow sticks are best for you. The wedding theme has to reflect both the bride and groom and their love story or the wedding story. The theme which you select has to say something about your love and relationship. Talk to your partner about your wedding ideas and share them so you can get to know your partner’s ideas too. The first and foremost thing which you want to keep in your mind is the venue. According to the theme that you have chosen, you should go for the setup. If you want a beach wedding then you should create your theme on a beach or if you wish to get married in a famous hotel then you should go for a theme according to it.

Varieties of Celebration:

glow sticks

Everything has to be done in your interest and not with the advice of your friends and family. It is your big day and it is your responsibility to make it done. Many girls love to be presented like a Barbie doll or a fairy queen at their wedding and so you can choose your theme also. You can watch the actor’s and actresses’ weddings to get some ideas and also with the help of the internet you can get millions of thoughts together at your hands. From the costumes that you wear at your wedding to the shoes that you wear has to be a dream come true. If you want to make it a traditional one then you can set up it in a temple and the decorations can be taken care of by the wedding planners. In foreign countries, they would set up a theme according to the seasons. Not only the theme but also the dressings can opt with the seasons only. The decorations have to be changed according to the sessions. If you are at your wedding then keep it traditional with that setup. If you are at your Haldi then do want to set up it with yellow flowers and it has to be in a yellow theme and the same with the sangeet. You need to dance and should have fun with your friends and family.

Photography is also an important factor when it comes to weddings. The moment when you are happy and excited has to be captured and would love to see that throughout your life right. It is you who have to be very clear in choosing the best photographer and you should surf it with the help of the internet. Though it cost too much if you want to capture it perfectly then do go for it. discuss with your partner and take a clear decision which would make your wedding a grand one.