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We all fathom paintball, dodgeball Associate in Nursingd optical maser tag; however, does one-fathom sport Tag? sport Tag is an awing combat game wherever 2 or additional groups fight one another victimization bows and arrows. however don’t be frightened, there’s no blood concerned, archery tag singapore price and that we don’t even leave bruises (not like paintball – ouch)!

The arrows utilized in sport Tag games have nice huge marshmallow-style tips creating it abundant less painful than paintball! You get to shoot your friends (or your boss!), there’s no pain concerned and you are feeling like character. I bet we tend to catch your attention, thus let’s get into the instrumentality and rules of this fantastic game!

archery tag singapore price


  1. Bow – a basic light-weight crook bow.
  2. Arrows – proprietary ‘safe’ tips, rigorously weighted and spun to match the bows.
  3. Mask – albeit ‘headshots’ square measure ineligible within the game, a touch of additional protection ne’er went amiss.


To play this game, we want groups. The minimum range folks|of individuals} required to play is eight so as that we will split the cluster into 2 groups of four people every. this can be absolutely the minimum required to play – the quality range of individuals per team is five. Once groups square measure sorted out, they have a team name. this can be once sport Tag gets artistic (no, we’re not divulging our greatest team names for you… you’ve got to come back up with them yourselves though do be happy to provide the United States of America your best effort within the comments!)

Can and can’t do’s

Can: – Shoot everybody World Health Organization wears a mask. – Move around your aspect of the field of battle. – keep behind the barricades or not. – Collect as several arrows as you’ll be able to. – Deflect arrows victimization your bow (be careful the candy tip doesn’t hit it).

Can’t: – Shoot somebody World Health Organization doesn’t wear a mask. – Cross to the enemy’s aspect of the battlefield. – Move barricades. – Load or shoot in ‘No Man’s Land’ central zone. – Dry hearth a bow (shooting while not Associate in Nursing arrow loaded). – Headshots


Games last for five minutes or till one team fully knocks out (tags!) the opposite. At the start of the sport, everybody has two arrows to shoot. Sometimes, there’ll be additional arrows placed in ‘No Man’s Land’. These arrows are often picked up by any team (you can’t be hit while in No Man’s Land however you would possibly organize for the fire to urge safely in and out from behind your barricade).

Once the sport starts, every team tries to tag as several enemies as they’ll. If the Associate in Nursing arrow hits you or your bow, you’re out. this suggests you’ve got to manoeuvre to the aspect (keep your helmet on!) and wait till your teammates prevent.

How will my teammates save the American state I hear you ask? Well, there square measure 2 foam five spots targets – one for every team. If your teammate shoots out a spot you’re back on the aspect. Once this happens, 1st|the primary} person to die is that the first to travel into the sport. Good.

But, what if you’ve got dead teammates however you don’t have any dots left to shoot at? Well, our crack-team of solely slightly-bribeable referees are commutation them as quick as you’ll be able to shoot them however, there’s additionally otherwise to save lots of teammates!

You or your teammates simply ought to catch the Associate in Nursing arrow in the middle air (a piece of cake)! you wish to require care to not be hit by the tip once you’re making an attempt this otherwise you’ll tag yourself. If the Associate in Nursing arrow bounces (hits a wall, the ground, or a barricade) so hits you, it doesn’t count as successful and you continue enjoying. However, if it hits a teammate so it hits another, it’s a double kill! If the Associate in Nursing arrow bounces (hits a wall, the ground, or a barricade) so you catch it in middle air while not touching the candy tip, it’s valid, thus you’ve simply saved a teammate! Well done!